I’m a passionate creative with lots of discipline and drive – and pardon me if I write a bit here.  I am, among other things, a writer… and photographer.  After more than 25 years in agency and corporate communications, including hiring and working with lots of photographers, videographers, designers, artists, communications consultants, and, oh yes, business people, entrepreneurs, executives, scientists, operations experts, academics, public officials, environmentalists and many others, I walked away from my corporate perch to become a photographer.

I got some “are you crazy?” looks of doubt.  But I really already was a photographer.  I had been shooting since college – but I had been losing myself in the world of photography and longed to take that leap.  I have learned so much since that moment.

My ambitions evolve. My mission: Create photos and stories that celebrate people, causes, moments, nature and life at large.  When people look at my stuff or read my words, I want them to long for life, beauty and, yes even God. I want them to know that it’s never too late to act.  Never too late to enjoy life or reach out, take action, pick up the phone (oh, sure, text too!), smile, forgive, bend, learn, live, love, change and… you fill in the blanks.

While I’m not a Renaissance man, I do believe that some people can do many things well. (I write, paint, create, think and shoot photography.)  DaVinci was an engineer, sculptor, painter, illustrator, designer, inventor, architect, technologist and that’s the short list. Steve Martin is a comedian, actor, musician, writer and producer. Bill Gates is an inventor, computer geek, business magnate, philanthropist and investor. Oprah… Madonna… Bono… well, they’re all entertainers but each are also talented in many ways.

I was born on the bayou in the wonderful town of Lake Charles, Louisiana.  I lived in Louisiana and Texas for much of my life, moved to Chicago 11 years ago and have never looked back. I’m a city/country loving Northshore guy who loves the four seasons and thinks that people look fantastic in each season. Yep, Gulf Coast/Great Lakes life! I love America at large and much of the world, so I’m happy to travel for your project. I’ve seen all but five states (Alaska, Montana, North and South Dakota, and Maine), much of Canada, pieces of Mexico, some of Europe, and there are miles to go before I sleep!

  • I love motorcycles, art and music. (See one of my Spotify lists – alternatively, let’s go for a ride!)
  • I love print! (See my sidebar.)
  • I love to shoot and write! (See my blog.)
  • I love Sony, Nikon, Canon, Leica, Minolta, Fujifilm, Kodak and many other photographic forces and tools. Why bicker, gearheads?! It’s all good!
  • I hope to finish a novel one day. (No, I don’t want to self-publish!)
  • I have begun to shoot film again – with a Nikon F100 and my very first Minolta X-570. I’m as excited about this experience as I was buying my first professional high-resolution camera.

…yikes, some of my favorite photographers (deceased!) are George Hurrell, Yousuf Karsh and Ansel Adams!

…and among the living, I’ve been influenced by Lindsay Adler (US), Erik Johansson (Sweden), Alessio Albi (Italy), Andreas-Joachim Lins (Germany), Jessica Drossin (US), Matt Osborne (UK), Jason Lanier (US), landscaper Max Rive (Netherlands) and film shooter Phil Kneen (Isle of Man).

I’m a member of Professional Photographers of America.  Call me or write.  I’m happy to visit or brainstorm. Whether it’s delivering a dynamic portrait or generating an idea that moves your family, brand or organization forward, I’d love to talk.


Number of lens owned

Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, Minolta, Sony-Zeiss, Sony

Number of film cameras

Nikon F100, Minolta X570, Canon AE-1

Number of digital cameras owned

Two Sony A7R2s


Tell me, does clicking to the next image evoke the same sensations as when you turn a page in a book of photographs or art? I’m not suggesting that beautiful images can’t be enjoyed digitally… of course, they can! If you don’t have access to a large 4K (or higher) screen, just go to a computer store (or the Apple store), get on a huge screen and click through my site… Digital is just great!

But there’s something more tactile, permanent and engaging when you’re turning the pages of a book or stopping to observe the fine details of a printed image or a canvas. I’ve never smelled a screen but I have experienced the wonder of seeing, touching and smelling prints, canvases and books, old and new.

If you’re going to hire a photographer, print something lasting. Hire me because you want beautiful images, want to look beautiful or handsome whether in light or darkness, because you want art… not for the sake of several temporary FB posts…

I grew up with print, fell asleep with print. Print did not keep me awake because of the blue light from my electronic device stimulating certain brainwaves… print either ushered me to sleep or kept me awake because of the content’s brilliance and/or because I didn’t need rest.

I met my wife over a print album. She shared images of Istanbul where she lived for a year as a refugee from Iran’s Islamic Revolution. The pages of my parent’s photo albums are embedded in my memory. The smiles I see when people hold a photo or book or canvas is worth my camera’s weight in gold.

I hope to meet you here digitally and then in person, where we can share a passion for a great session, some excellent images and then an archival-quality print product or two or three that will live beyond your lifetime.


Not hard to remember and hopefully once remembered, not forgotten! (Hey, Scott Edwards is a common name so we had to come up with something! ) :)

Let’s talk!

I’d love to visit and learn how I might be able to help. Call me or send a note. I’ll make it EASY! And casual! I’m passionate about my work but your experience will be enjoyable.